Swedish Association for New Physics

The Swedish Association for New Physics

We are a non-profit association with a purpose to

  • be a forum for research at the border of or outside established scientific paradigms
  • contribute to the development of alternative energy sources and other technologies that are positive for humanity and nature
  • co-ordinate and promote research, and act as knowledge database


Annual meeting in Stockholm 2016
On the annual meeting presentations and discussions were held on the focus areas.

Annual meeting in Gothenburg 2017
At the annual meeting topics of water flow and LENR history were presented and discussed.

Annual meeting in Stockholm 2018-08-25
Annual meeting with formalities and presentations within fluid dynamics and other areas. Meeting also August 26 with presentations and discussions.

Research Our research activites, maps to unconventional research areas, the testbench, sites maintained by our members etc. Read more.

New Physics Archives Directories for alternative (non-mainstream) physics ideas and our virtual journal New Physics, a forum for the discussion of phenomena at the border of or outside established paradigms. Read more

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