Swedish Association for New Physics


Member (Scandinavian countries only)

For geographical reasons we can at present only accept members from the Scandinavian countries.

The membership fee is at present SEK 250 annually. If you are interested to become a member, send your application with your address, together with a description of yourself and your research to .

As a member you will get access to the electronic archive for members, to our journal circulation lists, and to our (very) small library, and will be invited to discussion meetings arranged by the association (e.g. the Annual meetings).

Associate member (All countries)

For scientists outside of Scandinavia to become associated with our research network, it is possible become an associate member, which is free. As an associate member you can participate in our topic groups on different research topics, e.g. unconventional electromagnetic approcahes, lifters, Schauberger technology, subtle fields detection.

Send your application to: , together with a description of yourself and your research.

The association has its own email and web page, which is the main forum to provide information. Here it is possible to search through structured information within areas of interest, and to get in contact other with researchers.

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