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KeelyNet WWW-Mirror (partial)

This is a partial mirror of the former Keelynet BBS. Sections and papers reasonably within the scope of areas such as unconventional or subtle fields, unconventional energy sources, as well as other reported phenomena that could constitute new physics are reproduced (mirrored) here. The mirror contains updates until May 1, 1995 and is kept here for historical reasons (one of the first Keelynet www-mirrors) and also because some of the material may prove interesting as inspiration for a further study of a phenomenon.

The material reproduced here has not been reviewed by the Swedish Association for New Physics (other than that some peripheral material without bearing on physics has been removed), and is provided "as is". Quality of the material is varying.

  • Energy
    Material on unconventional energy sources.

  • Gravity
    Bifeld-Brown effect, unconventional theories related to gravity, ball lightning etc.

  • Keely and Acoustics
    Material on Keelys research on perpetual motion and acoustics.

  • Flanagan
    Small section on Patrick Flanagan's  research.

  • Ecology
    Unconvetional agricultural methods (e.g. Sonic bloom).
    Vortex sprayers that affect crop. EM radiation on plants etc.

  • Pd
    Small section with diverse material. Tesla coil software.

  • Unclassified
    Diverse articles spanning materials for Tesla coils, archeological mysteries, and other things.
    The quality is quite varied.

  • Diagrams
    Illustations to texts in the different areas are found in this section.

  • Books
    Books on unconventional energy etc.

  • Contact
    Lists with addresses etc. to organisations and individuals involved in unconventional research

Documents from KeelyNet that aren't reproduced on this site can be found at www.keelynet.com

You may reach the original files at
KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501
Sponsored by Vanguard Sciences
PO BOX 870716
Mesquite, TX 75187, USA
Maintainer: Jerry Decker (214) 324-8741

Complete filesets are still available (approx 20MB) for $50 USD in 3.5" 1.44MB floppies from the above adress.
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