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Maps of research areas

A striking feature, that anyone who starts to digress into unconventional research or the free energy area notes, is the immense amount of unstructured information. To get a grasp of the field is rather difficult. In order to assist 'navigation' in the free energy jungle, here are a couple of maps of phenomena and inventions. The maps are by no means complete but, maybe, can help you to get an overview.

Anomalies in physics. Inadequately studied phenomena that may contradict or demand the extension of existing theories.

Machines suggested by their inventors to extract energy from sources unknown or previously unexploited.

Water & Plasma phenomena that reports anomalous energy extraction from water, ionized water or other plasma discharges.

Gravitational experiments and anomalies, e.g. relating gravitation and inertia to electromagnetic phenomena.

Since the free energy area covers the spectrum from more serious research to less serious, any map of the area will reflect this fact. It must be so, as the only way to find out what may be fruitful research and what may not, is to dive into the information and research, trying to create a scientifically honest view. And perhaps then, it is possible to say what is more promising and what is less.

How to contribute

The construction of these maps is an ongoing project - we are trying to fill in links with information about the keywords in the maps. If you have relevant information, you are welcome to send contributions to

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