Swedish Association for New Physics


New Ideas in Natural Sciences
International conference
St.-Petersburg, June 17 - 22, 1996

Organizers of conference:
St.-Petersburg's Physics Society
Russian Geological Society
Russian Geographical Society
St.-Petersburg's High School Teachers Association

Academician Grigorian S.S., Vice-President of Russian Academy of
Academician Kaznacheev V.P., Novosibirsk, Russian Academy of Medical

The purpose of the International conference "New Ideas in Natural
Sciences" is discussions on the structure of problems, new ideas and
new directions in modern natural sciences, reports on new experimental
results and demonstration of new effects.


1. Modern problems in physics. Theoretical research.
2. New energetics, practical results.
3. Gravitation and overlapping technologies.
4. Investigations on properties of space and time.

The activities in geological sciences will take place concurrently
with those in the physics sciences.

The discussions are planned in the second half of every day following
the reportsof the speakers and the reports of their opponents. Also
demonstration of devices, experiments are planned to devolop some
business contacts.

Keynote reports refer to the reports of the lecturersand those of
their oponents.

Nonlecturing guests are invited to participate in discussions and
experimental demonstrations.

The organizing committee has all the rights to arrange the format of
the proceedings of the conference which will be published in September
of 1996.

Conference dates and times

June 17 ( Monday )
14.00 Opening. General information.
15.00 - 19.00 Lectures and discussion.

June 18 ( Tuesday )
9.30 - 13.30 Lectures.
15.00 - 19.00 Discussion and demonstration of experiments.

June 19 ( Wednesday )
9.30 - 13.30 Lectures.
15.00 - 19.00 Discussion and demonstration of devices.

June 20 ( Thursday )
9.30 - 13.30 Lectures.
15.00 - 19.00 Discussion and workshop.

June 21 ( Friday )
9.30 - 13.30 Lectures.
15.00 - 19.00 Discussion and workshop.
22.00 Excursion "St.-Petersburg's White Nights"

June 22 ( Saturday )
12.00 - 15.00 Closing of conference, discussion on its results.
17.00 Banquet.


I Modern problems in physics. Theoretical research.

1. Anatoly P. Smirnov, St.-Petersburg, Russia, The structure of
misconceptions in modern physics. Some methods for their
rectification, practical possibilities and effects.

2. A.A. Nassikas, Larissa Ed. Inst. of Technology, Greece, The
Hypotesis and the Equations of the Unified Matter Field.

3. Alexander Abian, Iowa State Univ., USA, Equivalence of Mass and

4. Josef Hasslberger, Rome, Italy, Tetra Space Co-ordinates. A
tetrahedron-based system of space co-ordinates.

5. ·kimov ·.Â., Moscow, Russia, The torsion fields, practical
applications. Video demonstration, photo.

6. Âfimov ·.·., Ms. Shpitalnaya ·.·., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The
Global Energetical Anisotropy of Space.

7. Âfimov ·.·., St.-Petersburg, Russia, On the Force that is Acting to
the Electron from the Surrounding Field.

8. Butusov K.P., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Physics of the
de-Broighl's wave.

9. Kutolin S.A., Novosibirsk, Russia, The quantum-fluctuational model
for elements interaction for strong and electromagnetic collisions,
those determine the periodicity ( selfco-ordination ) and the unity
for description of properties of matter.

10. Plykin V.D, Igevsk, Russia, Information-energy model for matter
and Universe.

11. Safonov I.A., Moscow area, Russia, On the corretness of the Law of
Energy Conservation.

12. Volkov I.A., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Formulas for
comparatively stable clasters of carbon.

13. Îlyushin Y.G., St.-Petersburg, Russia, St.-Petersburg, Russia, On
the Maxwell Approach to Gravity.

14. Fogel V.A., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Forces are not Included in
Consideration in Electrodynamics.

15. Fogel V.A., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Energy and Impetus of
Charged Circuit that have Current.

16. Fogel V.A. and Shepsenvol M.A., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The
Effects are Connected with Movement of Source of Field Relatively to
Measuring Equipment.

17. Ìishin A.M., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Phenomenological Model of
Ether as result of new empirical conception. Experimental results.

18. Martin Muller, Pfullingen, Germany, Saha Equation - Undeniable
Evidence for the Physical Nature of Chemical Bonding.

19. Turchaninov G.S. and Turchaninov I.G., Krasnoyarsk State
University, Russia, Non-Dissipative Closed Electrical Current Process
in the Normal-State ( non-superconductivity ) Electroconductive Media.

20. Frolov A.V., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Mass as Process of
Existence: Method and Examples for Calculations.

21. Vinogradova M.G. and Khodkov A.E., St.-Petersburg, Russia, About
Experimental proofs of Attraction of Earth to the Sun by Screening of
Part of Surrounding inflows of Ether's Neutrinoes.

22. Groshev V.L., St.-Petersburg, Russia, A New Theory of Unified

23. Chirkov A.G., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Principle of
Relativity of Galilei by Galilei.

24. Shlenov A.G., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Comparision of Theory
for Unified Field and Result of Observation.

25. Gilin P.A., St.-Petersburg, Russia, Classical and Modified

II New Energetics. Practical results.

1. Information about research work (theory and experiments):
Thomas E. Bearden, Alabama, USA, Use of Asymmetrical Regauging and
Multivalued Potentials to Achieve Overunity Electromagnetic Engines:
Concepts and Specific Engine Examples.

2. Igor V. Goryachev, Utah, USA, Free Energy generation by Water
Decomposition in Highly efficient Electrolytic Process.

3. Stefan Marinov, Graz, Austria, the self-accelerating generator.

4. Buinov G.N., St.-Petersburg, Russia, Ôn the Second Beginning of

5. Klimov S.N., Moscow area, Russia, Utilization of Time and Energy of
Dispersed Heat in "Paired two/four-steps Klimov's motor"

6. Serogodsky A.V., Germany - Russia, Isothermical motor. Patented in

7. Elio Conte, Italy, An application of Biquaternion Quantum Mechanics
in Superconductivity.

8. Dan Chicea, Romania, Microscopic Acceleration Mechanism and the
Cold Fusion in Deuterated Materials.

9. Review on cold fusion reseacrh work in Russia from 1960 to present
time, Dr. Anatoly P. Smirnov.

10. Filimonov B.A., Minsk, Belarus, Cold Fusion and Transmutation of
Nuclei: recent Achievements and Old Problems.

11. Frolov A.V., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Application of Potential
Field to Create the Work. Permanent magnets motor-generator and
self-generating electric discharge system are for demonstration.

12. Avramenko S.V., Moscow area, Klimovsk, The Method for electric
energy ( power ) transmission in single-wire line ( open circuit ) in
mode of heterogeneous conductivity for normal conditions. Experiments.

12. G.Galeczki and P. Marquardt, Koln, Germany, About the Local
Tapping of Energy.

13. Chirkov A.G., St.-Petersburg, Russia, About Law of Conservation in
the Theories of Fields.

III Gravitation and Overlapping Technologies

1. Information about research work and proposals for joint projects:
Medvedev B.A., Saratov, Russia, Control on reproduction factor for
neutrons by means of gravity waves as technology for safe nuclear
plants. Proposal for know-how, patent work and join business.

2. Shahparonov I.M., Moscow, Russia, Effect of Mobius Surface
Currents: Generator for Radiation of Kozyrev-Dirak Waves, effects on
matter, generation of gravity scalar type waves when oscillations of
Kozyrev-Dirak beam have place. Demonstration of device and video on
experiments. Sale of plumbage that is magnetized in new type waves.

3. Poliakov S.M. and Poliakov O.S., Moscow, Russia, The Base of
Experimental Gravitonics.

4. Ivanov Y.M., Moscow, Russia, The Nature of Force and Theory of
Levitation. Method for compression of standing waves or "How to remove
the Einshtein's block?"

5. Belostotsky Y.G., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Base and Principles
for Reactionless Drive. Demonstration of experiment.

6. Shukalov K.D., Ivanovo area, Russia, The Active movement:
Conception and experimental results. Demonstartion of electromagnetic
propulsion force.

7. Shukalov B.D., Ivanovo, Russia, The Inertioidal Devices.

8. Shpakov P.D., Gatchina, Russia, The Quantum Gravitation.

9. Shulgin V.G., Russia, Gravitation Result from Interaction of
Substance with Gradient of Ether Density.

10. Simakov A.S., St.-Petersburg, Russia, On connection between
Electromagnetics and Graviation.

11. Hideo Hayasaka, Possibility for the Existence of Anti-Gravity and
the Complete Parity Breaking of Gravity; Evidence from Free-fall
Experiment of a Spinning Gyro.

12. Euejin Jeong, Seoul, Korea, Rotating Hemisphere; Center of Mass

13. Martin Holwerda, Anti Gravity Flight by the Absorption of the
Gravity Vortices.

14. Ostrikov M.F., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Conception and
equipment for demonstration of Energy and Force transformations.

15. David Jonsson, Uppsala, Sweden, Moving magnet field of orbiting
electron of hydrogen.

16. Information about theoretical research and idea for experiments:
Kashuba V.Y., Anti-Gravity Force as Result of Cetrifugal Force.

17. Francs J. McCabe, USA, A Gyroscope Video Workshop Set Up to
Observe and Determine Mechanical Gyro Properties of Forces, Torques
and Motions.

18. Butusov K.P., St.-Petersburg, Russia, Difraction for Gravitation

19. Rappe Y.S., St.-Petersburg, Russia, Researches on Paradoxes of
Electrodynamics by Means of the Method of Modeling in Systems for
Dielectrical Measurements.

20. Frolov A.V., St.-Petersburg, Russia, Conception and Experiments on


IY Investigation of the Properties of Space and Time

1. Chernobrov V.A., Moscow, Russia, Experiments on control by movement
( rate and direction ) of Time.

2. Veinik A.V., Minsk, Belarus, On Some Properties of Physical Time
and Space.

3. Zolotarev V.F. and Zolotarev Y.V., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The
Thought as Method for Direct Produce of Material Objects. Experiment
on detecting of gravi-inertial waves.

4. Timashev A.R., St.-Petersburg, Russia, The Generalized Gold Section
and Theory for Time.

5. Bondarenko E.G., St.-Petsrburg, Russia, On the Problem of
Information Trapping from Surruonding Medium. Torsion Field Detecting.

7. Frolov A.V., St.-Petersburg, Russia, Experiments on Utilization of
Longitudinal waves of Ether ( Waves of Density of Time ) in Technical
Telecommunication Systems.

8. Asper G. Gasan Ali-Zade, On the Possibility for Difference Between
Atom Clock and Efemerid Time, and on the Change of Gravitation
Constant on Time.


The Conference covers the period from June 17 to June 22, 1996.
Arrival of the participants of the conference in PRIBALTIYSKAYA hotel
is planned on June 16 and June 17. Call for information and

Pribaltiyskaya Hotel ****

Sales Department Phone 7-812-3563386
Fax 7-812-3564496
Reception Phone 7-812-3564135
Fax 7-812-3560094

Registration will occur at the hotel from 10.00 AM to 16.00 PM
June 16, and from 10.00 AM to 13.00 PM June 17. This paper is
necessary to get the special discount for conference participants. The
room rate for a single room is USD 90 per day, or a bad in a double
room is USD 60 per day. European breakfast is included. Please, note
that room rates without special discount that is avaliable from June
16 to June 22, 1996, are USD 130 and USD 80 per day.

The lunch between morning and eveninig sessions of the conference
costs USD 10.

Different excursions can be organized for you.

Special transport will avaliable free of charge for participants
of conference that will take place in conference hall of Russian
Geographical Society.


Several international travel agencies are selected to help for
guests of the conference in visa questions, tickets and hotel
"Pribaltiyskaya" reservation. Please, note that you can use any hotel
of St.-Petersburg but organizing committee provide transport service
between place for conference and hotel "Pribaltiyskaya". Call for

"Intourist" agency 7-812-3146096, 3120978, 3122823, 3122815.
"Moscow Travel" agency 7-812-2328395 and 7-812-2320858.
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Registration fee is USD 300 by bank transfer in Russia:

1. Sankt-Petersburg's Bank of Savings Bank of Russia, Mr. Klyshin Y.G.,
account 55151507000012132, correspondent account Savings Bank of
Russia, Moscow, Russia, SWIFT: SABRRUMM, account 8100055.

Please, note in transfer: "scientific conference registration fee".

2. Also you can pay the fee by bank transfer in Italy:

Banca Popolare di Bergamo
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Bank code: 3204 5428, account number 30669

Mr. Josef Hasslberger

Banquet and excursions are paid in cash in St.-Petersburg.

Proceedings on conference will printed in September. Video tape
will avaliable also.

For additional information call or write to: Organizing Committee,
P.O.Box 37, 193024, St.-Petersburg, Russia. Alexander V. Frolov.
Email: postmaster@frolov.spb.ru

Fax: Att. Dr. Anatoly P. Smirnov, 7-812-2471017

St.-Petersburg, Russia
17 - 22 June, 1996


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Moscow, Russia, SWIFT: SABRRUMM, account 8100055.

2. Bank transfer on account number 30669, bank code 3204 5428, Banca
Popolare di Bergamo Via San Silverio 57, 00165 ROMA. Mr. Josef Hasslberger.


Date .............1996 Signature ............................

Alexander V. Frolov
P.O.Box 37, 193024, St.-Petersburg, Russia


The documents here were previously published with the old Elektromagnum site for speculative physics. It consists of material on Cold Fusion, Electromagnetism (ball lightning, possible relations between electromagnetism and gravitation, Hoopers "motional electrical field", longitudinal stress in electromagnetic conductors, the Searl effect, etc.), Free Energy Inventions, Gravitation and anti-gravitation, Unorthodox perspectives on Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, and some more obscure phenomena.

The material reproduced here has not been reviewed by the Swedish Association for New Physics and is provided "as is". Quality of the material is varying.

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