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The Proceedings of intenational scientific conference "New Ideas in Natural Sciences, St.-Petersburg, Russia, June 1996, English version, Copyright by Anatoly P. Smirnov and Alexander V. Frolov, 1996, ISBN 5-86161-25-8, published by "PiK" Publishing Company, St.-Petersburg, Russia, 642 pages, risography.

Contents of the book:

Foreword 3

1. Contemporary Problems in Physics. Theoretical Investigations.
Economic Effects of Space Energy Technologies (SET) on Individuals
and Society, Gruber Josef 5

Editorial "On the History of the Event" 14

Magneto-Voltaic Technology, A Solid State Approach for Tapping
the Zero-Point Energy Field (ZPE), Zielinsky A. 15

Researches on New Technologies, Address List 34

The Structure of Problems and Misconceptions in Modern Physics.
Methods for Solution, Possibilities and Consequences, Smirnov A.P. 35

On Physical Space Structure and New Interaction in Nature,
Baurov Yu.A. 45

The Hypothesis and The Equations of The Unified Matter Field,
Nassikas A.A. 61

Classical and Modified Electrodynamics, Zhilin P.A. 73

Tetra Space Co-ordinates (A tetrahedron-based system of space
co-ordinates), Hasslberger Josef 83

Galilei and Relativity Principle, Chirkov A.G. 87

A New Theory of the Unified Physical Field, Groshev V.L. 91

Physical essence of gravity constant and its consequences,
Vasil'ev V.V. 93

The Ether Model as Result of the New Empirical Conception,
Mishin A.M. 95

De Broglie Wave Physics, Butusov Kyrill P. 105

Expansion of Bor's Quantum Postulates, Klyushin J.G. 117

The Concept of Mass Process, Frolov A.V. 123

Thermal Electromagnetic Wave Generator, Lebed B.M, Petrov S.A. 135

Saha-Equation-Undeniable Evidence for the Physical Nature of Chemical
Bonding, Mueller M. 141

Quantum Electron Hydrodynamics Under Charge Neutralization Conditions,
Sanin A.L. 151

Energies, Impulses, and Forces Arising at Moving Electric Charges in
Vacuum, Fogel V.A., Shepsenvol M.A. 157

Formula for Relatively Stable Carbon Clusters, Volkov A. 167

On the Anisotropy of Electron, Efimov A.A. 173

Kozyrev-Dirak Emanation Method of Detecting and Interaction With
Matter, Shakhparonov I. 175

Non-dissipative Closed Electrical Current Process in Normal-State
(Non-superconductive) Electroconductive Media, Turchaninov G.S.,
Turchaninov I.G. 189

A proposed Experiment of Direct Detecting of The Vector Potential
Within Classical Electrodynamics, Onoochin V. 213

Torsion Fields and Their Experimental Manifestations,
Akimov A.E., Shipov G.I. 221

A Generalized Formula for the Lorentz Force Density and Maxwell
Equations, Klyushin J.G. 251

2. New Energetics. Practical Results.

Cold Fusion Research: Models and Potential Benefits, Hurtak J.J.,
Bailey P.G. 261

Use of Regauging and Multivalved Potentials to Achieve Overunity EM
Engines: Concepts and Specific Engine Examples, Bearden T.E. 277

About the Local Tapping of Energy, Galeczki G. and Marquardt P. 299

The Secret of The "Cold Fusion", Kanarev Ph.M. 305

A New Direction In The Energetics, Becklemeshev J.A.,
Becklemesheva G.J. 311

Microscopic Acceleration Mechanism The Cold Fusion in Deuterated
Materials, Chicea D. 315

Free Energy Generation by Water Decomposition in Highly Efficiency
Electrolytic Process, Goryachev I.V. 319

A New Beginning for Thermodynamics, Hasslberger J. 325

Thermodynamic Principles and Problems of Self-Organizing in Physical
Systems, Berezovsky A. 331

Energy Transformation Dynamics, Mikhailovsky G.A. 349

Mechanisms of Energy Inversion and Self-Organization in Real Systems,
Smirnov A.P. and Smirnov A.A. 355

On the Second Beginning of Thermodynamics, Buinov G.N. 359

N.Tesla's Unique Experiments in Colorado, Ignatyev G.F. 365

The Work is Created by Means of Potential Field, Frolov A.V. 371

Thermal Engine With a Single Heat Source, Serogodsky A. 381

3. Gravitation and adjacent technologies

Free Fall of Elementary Particles: On Moving Bodies and Their
Electromagnetic Forces, Rognerud N. 389

Construction an Engine for Free Space on the Base of a Pondemotor
Effect, Ignatyev G.F. 407

Experimental Fundamentals for Determination of the Nature of
Gravitation Interaction Carrier, Simakov A. 411

Gravitation Results from Interaction of Substance with Gradient of
Ether Density, Shulgin V.G. 415

The Quantum Gravitation, Shpakov P.D. 419

A Gyroscope Video Workshop Set Up to Observe & Determine Mechanical
Gyro Properties of Forces, Torques & Motions, McCabe F.J. 421

Rotating Hemisphere: Center of Mass Shift, Jeong E. 429

Diffraction of Gravitational Field, Butusov K.P. 451

About Experimental Proofs of Gravitational Sun to Earth Influence
by Screening of the Part of Inflowing Surrounding Space Neutrinos,
Vinogradova M.G.,Khod'kov A.E. 457

Gravitational Technology, Uspensky G.R. 461

Possibility for the Existence of Anti-Gravity and the Complete Parity
Breaking of Gravity: Evidence from Free-Fall Experiment Using a
Spinning Gyro, Hayasaka H., Tanaka H., Hashida T., Chubachi T.,
Sugiyama T. 467

The Concept of Gravitation, Frolov A.V. 481

The Antigravitation Force in The Balanced Rotating System,
Kashuba V. 491

Compression of Standing Waves, Rhythm-dynamics and Third Condition
of Rest, Ivanov Yu.N. 495

The Beginning of Experimental Gravitonics, Poliakov S.M. and
Poliakov O.S. 529

Principles and Bases of the Support-less Movement and Realisation
of it in a Nature, Belostotsky Y.G. 537

The Inertial Propulsion Drives, Shukalov B.D. 545

4. Researches of Space and Time

The Initial Principles of N.A.Kozyrev's Causal Mechanics,
Shikhobalov L.S. 553

Equivalence of Mass and Time, Abian A. 559

On the Question About Analytical Methods Those Reflect the
"Substance-Space-Time" Unity of the Nature in the Laws of Natural
Science, and About Main Properties of This Unity, Goriachko J.G. 569

Experiments on the Change of the Direction and Rate of Time Motion,
Chernobrov V.A. 575

The Energy Anisotropy of Space, Efimov A.A., Shpitalnaya A.A. 583

On Some Properties of the Physical Time and Space, Veinik A.I. 587

To a Question on Reserves of Information Interaction in a Nature,
Stavitsky V.I. 599

Generalized Golden Section and the Time Theory, Timashev A.R. 605

Information-Energy Model of Matter and Universe, Plykin V.D. 615

The United Holography Information Theory of the Universe,
Dvorin G.V. 621

The Lorentz Component of the Cosmological Red Shift, Sharipov M.R. 625

Conclusion 635

Resolution 636

Contents 638

Also 12 hours VIDEO materials of the conference is avaliable. Price for book is USD 60 (posting included), price for video is USD 200. The first Edition is sold out. A second Edition is planned in April 1998 by Dr. Nick Begich, ask him by drnick@alaska.net. The second Edition will be printed in USA.

Ask for detailes of first Edition:

Alexander V. Frolov
Production Editor

P.O.Box 37, St.-Petersburg, 193024, Russia
tel: 7-812-2747877

The documents here were previously published with the old Elektromagnum site for speculative physics. It consists of material on Cold Fusion, Electromagnetism (ball lightning, possible relations between electromagnetism and gravitation, Hoopers "motional electrical field", longitudinal stress in electromagnetic conductors, the Searl effect, etc.), Free Energy Inventions, Gravitation and anti-gravitation, Unorthodox perspectives on Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, and some more obscure phenomena.

The material reproduced here has not been reviewed by the Swedish Association for New Physics and is provided "as is". Quality of the material is varying.

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