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- energy directly from the vacuumfield

There was a conference about:

-energy directly from the vacuumfield

Main attraction:
Dr. Harold E. Puthoff, Institute for Advanced Studies, Austin, Texas

Hotell Foresta, Stockholm 3 - 4 September 1994

Arranged by:
SAVFE, The Scandinavian Association of Vacuum Field Energy


Saturday 3'rd Sept:

1000-1010 I. Wärnström Chairman SAVFE
1010-1055 Dr. H.A. Nieper Introduction
1100-1145 Dr. H.A. Puthoff Zero-Point Energy, an Introduction

1215-1300 ------"-------- Extracting Energy and Heat from the Vacuum
1300-1315 Questions, discussion

1430-1515 Dr. J. Tellefsen Schaubergers implosionsenergi (in swedish)
1515-1630 Dr. H.A. Nieper Videodemonstrations with comments
1630-1700 Questions, discussion

Sunday 4'th Sept:

0900-0945 Dr. A. Alexander Energy Research Situation in USA ...
0945-1015 Dr. H.A. Nieper Medical Aspects of the vacuum field Energy
1015-1030 Questions, discussion

1100-1145 Prof. L. Floberg Hälsofaran vid magnetfält från växelström
(in swedish)

1330-1415 Prof. J. Gruber Economical implications of Free Energy

1445-1600 Panel discussion Economical implications of Free Energy for
People and Society

Price SEK 1800:- (approx USD 230), students SEK 900:-

Registration before Aug 12 to:

SAVFE, The Scandinavian Association of Vacuum Field Energy
Holma 4106
S-243 93 HÖÖR
phone +46 (0)413 22911

The documents here were previously published with the old Elektromagnum site for speculative physics. It consists of material on Cold Fusion, Electromagnetism (ball lightning, possible relations between electromagnetism and gravitation, Hoopers "motional electrical field", longitudinal stress in electromagnetic conductors, the Searl effect, etc.), Free Energy Inventions, Gravitation and anti-gravitation, Unorthodox perspectives on Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, and some more obscure phenomena.

The material reproduced here has not been reviewed by the Swedish Association for New Physics and is provided "as is". Quality of the material is varying.

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