Newsgroups: sci.physics.fusion Path:!sunic!!!!nuug!!!gatech!!!!!prometheus!pmk From: pmk@prometheus.UUCP (Paul M. Koloc) Subject: Ball Lightning GIF (with jets?) Message-ID: <CtBs3J.7Ks@prometheus.UUCP> Keywords: BL, Jets,fusion,PLASMAK(tm) magnetoplasmoid Reply-To: pmk@promethe.UUCP (Paul M. Koloc) Organization: Prometheus II, Ltd. Date: Fri, 22 Jul 1994 04:50:05 GMT Lines: 625 The following is a classic "accepted" picture of BL, (H. Norinder, Problems of Atmospheric and space Electricity, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1965, page 455. NOTE: Taken by a picnicing physicist Schneidermann in Norway 1933. Ball is line tied to earth's field declination 80degrees (american 2pi=360), while the vertical convection axis is due to the free float. Convection velocity is propor- tional to vertical height, so with zero velocity at the bottom polar jet ejecta pile, there is no erosion, and at the upper pole the material is eroded symmetrically with the vertical axis. Since it takes a good 10 seconds (35 cm horizontal width) for such convection and erosion to be established, this beast is LIVE, and definitely of the PMK ilk. Printed with a b/w invert can increase perception of "splashes". Might be a small moth in there too. Cut where you must. +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Paul M. Koloc, Bx 1037 Prometheus II Ltd, College Park MD 20741-1037 | | mimsy!promethe!pmk; FAX (301) 434-6737 | | VOICE (301) 445-1075 ***** Commercial FUSION in the Nineties ***** | +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ </plaintext> <img src=ballbw.gif>