Paul A. LaViolette

Subquantum Kinetics is a theory developed by Dr. Paul A. LaViolette. It claims to explain a lot of phenomena in physics including the Biefeld-Brown effect.

Paul has also written Beyond the Big Bang : Ancient Myth and the Science of Continuous Creation. This is what the Midwest Book Review says about it:

The International Tesla Society (phone 800-397 01 37) had a radio interview with Paul on the Extraordinary Science Radio Hour Oct 26 1996 regarding Beyond the Big Bang. The interview was made by the president JW McGinnis. You can listen to this interviev with Realaudio. You can buy the books from Paul directly or from the publisher Starburst Publications. Price is $15 for Subquatum Kinetics and $30 for Beyond the Big Bang. You can also buy his books directly from the web at You can also by Electrogravitics Systems from One of the chapters in this book is his B2 article.

Paul has written another book Earth Under Fire. There is also a video produced. There is a clip available at Pauls own site

Help Paul to finance his research into pulsars. You can make a donation to him online.

Paul LaViolette has also written The US Antigravity Squadron. This text is published by Integrity Research in the book Electrogravitics Systems edited by Thomas Valone. You can find the book at One of the chapters in this book is his B2 article. I dont agree with Paul that "electrogravitics" is used on B2. Based on what I have heard and read B2 uses shock wave cancellation which in itself is good enough.