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We promote research at the border of, or outside, established scientific paradigms - in particular research that contribute to the development of alternative energy sources and other technologies that are positive for humanity and nature.

Focus areas for 2015-2016

For the period 2015-2016 the following areas will attract special interest from the association:

  • Create forms for structuring and overview of the research topics in the web.
  • Connections between cold fusion (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, LENR) and Viktor Schauberger's energy research
  • Anomalies in radioactive decay rates (LENR).
  • Analysis of and experiments on the Nordell effect, the Smith detector and Graneau's water explosions. For example fatigue effects in water, metals and Casimir vacuum and crystallisation phenomena in the Gyttorp incident.
  • Continued studies of the Sagnac effect.

We welcome proposals and papers within these areas.

Submit your paper

If you'd like to publish or present a paper, please send a mail to our editor, at

Our publishing policy

Articles should have a reasonably degree of experimental support, and/or theoretical clarity. We reserve the right to scrutinize the articles submitted for publication. However, we try to be open-minded.

Views expressed in papers are the author's, of which the association takes no responsibility.

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