Swedish Association for New Physics


We are a non-profit association with a purpose to

  • be a forum for research at the border of or outside established scientific paradigms
  • contribute to the development of alternative energy sources and other technologies that are positive for humanity and nature
  • co-ordinate and promote research, and act as knowledge database

Some examples

One of the prime objectives of the association is to initiate and co-ordinate research projects. It could be experiments and/or literature overviews within areas of research that members are interested in.

One area that have been studied is so-called ”free energy technology”. The notion refers to some fifty inventions during the 20:th century where is has been claimed that excess energy has been observed. The expression ”free energy” is rather misleading - what one has in view is that the energy is extracted more or less for free. Possibly it could be some kind of energy conversion form an unknown (everywhere present) source of energy. Some physicists has tried to relate the phenomena to the so-called zero point radiation in modern physics.

Members have also studied several difficult to explain or disputed experiments that are related to the above area. There phenomena involve anomalies in electromagnetic theory, potential waves, and some biological effects.

Another area studied by members is phenomena related to the Austrian Viktor Schauberger's ideas about water purification and energy extraction.

Focus areas for 2015-2016

For the period 2015-2016 the following areas will attract special interest from the association:

  • Create forms for structuring and overview of the research topics in the web.
  • Connections between cold fusion (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, LENR) and Viktor Schauberger's energy research
  • Anomalies in radioactive decay rates (LENR).
  • Analysis of and experiments on the Nordell effect, the Smith detector and Graneau's water explosions. For example fatigue effects in water, metals and Casimir vacuum and crystallisation phenomena in the Gyttorp incident.
  • Continued studies of the Sagnac effect.

We welcome proposals and papers within these areas.

Maps to unconventional research areas

A series of maps to assist the navigation in the free energy and unconventional research jungle.

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