Swedish Association for New Physics

Magazines and Organizations

Some organizations that are engaged in the new physics area and some relevant journals.


A quarterly magazine dedicated to the scientific discussion and investigation of the ideas of Viktor Schauberger. Issued by the Association for Implosion research and and exploitation. Site and magazine in German.

Infinite Energy
A magazine dedicated to non-conventional energy phenomena, e.g. Cold Fusion. Founded in 1995. 

Cold Fusion Times
Online publication covering "the science and engineering of lattice-assisted nuclear reactions".



Here are some organizations that are engaged in new physics issues.

DIFØT - Dansk Institut for Økologisk Teknik
An active association with members throughout Scandinavia. Areas include non-conventional energy topics, and research related to the Austrian Viktor Schauberger's theories. Issues the magazine Diføt Nyt. Founded in 1983.

Institute of Ecological Technology
Swedish research foundation and distributed self-organizing research institute, with a focus on non-conventional ideas and solutions within ecological technology. Research on ideas related to Viktor Schauberger.

INE - Institute for New Energy
Issues the monthly magazine New Energy News, and the quarterly Journal of New Energy. INE maintains a quite thorough list of organizations and addresses at their site.

PACE - Planetary Association for Clean Energy
Forum for non-conventional and alternative energy sources topics. Recognized as a non-governmental organization with the United Nations. Issues the magazine PACE Newsletter. Founded in 1975.

Society of Scientific Exploration
Forum for presentations, criticism and debate concerning topics ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science. Issues the magazine Journal of Scientific Exploration.

German Association for Space Energy
An active association in Germany. Formerly: German Association for Vacuum Field Energy, founded in 1981. (Site in German)

SAFE - Swiss Association for Free Energy
An active association in Switzerland. Founded in 1988. (Site in German)

SVR - Swiss Association for Space Energy
A research group in Switzerland. Founded in 2009. (Site in German)

Austrian Association for Space Energy
A research group in Austria. Founded in 2002. (Site in German)


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