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This section contains material from the now discontinued journal Fnysik (1995-1999), that was isued by the Swedish Association for New Physics.

Fnysik: Volume 2 No 1


Alternative technology 
by Ingvar Karlsson
An overview and summary of the free energy research up to 1995. (Article in Swedish)
Who was Viktor Schauberger  
by Morten Ovesen
A short biography of the life of the water researcher Viktor Schauberger.
Anomalous water 
by Browns Gas Research
A notice on the rather anomalous properties of water.
A simple electrostatic generator: The Electrophorus 
by  Bill Beaty
A notice from the internet on an electrophorus experiment.
Gravitation experimentalist is questioning Einstein 
by Lars Johansson
On the Swedish scientist Hans Lidgren's gravitational experiments that contradicts established theories.
On sonoluminescence 
by New Energy News
A short article on sonoluminescence.
Notices On the magazine Implosion etc.


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