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This section contains material from the now discontinued journal Fnysik (1995-1999), that was isued by the Swedish Association for New Physics.

Fnysik: Volume 3 No 1


Dowsing along the psi-track 
by Jens Tellefsen  
and Nils-Olof Jacobson
A scientific study of the detection of a new kind of field by downing, and some of its characteristics and applications. Reproduced.
Kelvin's thunderstorm - or Kelvin's water drop electrostatic generator 
by Bill Beaty
A desciption of an unusual electrostatic generation, that converts gravitational energy directly into electrical. The classical water-phoreses experiment also performed by Schauberger.
Cold Fusion - which way today? 
by Lars Johansson
Isn't Cold fusion long dead? Not so. This brief article points you to CF research resources on the web.


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