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Chapter 13 "Cold Fusion"

In 1989 Pons, Fleischmann, and Hawkins reported that their
"cold fusion" electrochemical experiment had produced excess

This report created an international sensation. The NBC nightly
news reported that "The energy crisis was over!" Many reputable
laboratories, however, were not able to duplicate the results.
Contemporary theories could not explain the phenomena. At the
Fourth International Conference on Cold Fusion M. Rabinowitz of
the Electric Power Research Institute, Y.E. Kime of Purdue, and
V.A. Chechin and V.A. Tsarev of the Russian Academy of Sciences
reported that process of "cold fusion" required four miracles.
These miracles are:

1 "The Fusion Rate Miracle" From their study of the conditions
within the cold fusion electrode they concluded that the
fusion rate must be vanquishing low.

2. "The Branching Ratio Miracle" Gamma rays are a signature of
a fusion reaction. Gamma radiation commensurate with the
liberated energy has not been detected.

3. "The No Nuclear Products Miracle" Helium is a by-product
of a nuclear reaction. Helium commensurate with the
energy liberated has not been detected. This author notes,
Helium 4 exists naturally in the atmosphere at a
concentration of about 10 parts per million. The experiments
that reported the detection of Helium may have been
contaminated by an inleakage of air.

4. Neutrons are signature of a fusion reaction. None have been

The process of cold fusion did not fit into any theoretical
model and most of the national laboratories were not able to
replicate the results. Cold fusion fell into disfavor. Many
major scientific publications refused, and still refuse, even to
publish articles related to cold fusion.

A ever increasing number of labs, however, continued to
publish reports of unexplained excess energy. The prestigious
Electric Power Research Institute" was one of them. In August
1994 EPRI released its final report #TR-104195. EPRI concluded,

"The excess heat generated in electrochemical cells with
palladium cathodes and heavy water electrolyte appears to be far
too large to result from chemical or metallurgical
transformation. The evidence implies that the heat source is a
nuclear reaction of some as yet undetermined nature.....This
work confirms the claims of Fleischmann, Pons, and
Hawkins...Tritium, neutrons, or gamma rays are not
quantitatively correlated with the excess power production

The "cold fusion" process was producing real energy, however, it
was becoming clear that the process was not one of fusion. The
zero point energy theory was obtaining some credibility.

On October 1st through the 5th The Institute of Electrical
Engineers and the American Nuclear Society held their 16th
Biannual Symposium on Fusion Engineering (SOFE 1995) at the
University of Illinois. This meeting revealed a bombshell of a
breakthrough. Clean Energy Technology demonstrated their light
water cold fusion cell. This cell was producing five watts of
continuous power with an input of only 60 milliwatts, a power
gain of 80. These results were confirmed by George Miley's
group at the University of Illinois. The University of Illinois
stated in
a response to an inquire from this author.

"We had a cell in operation for a week prior the the SOFE
conference and it was running at about 5 watts of excess power
with a .25 watt input...So far no substantial radiation products
have been detected."

Jed Rothwell writes,

"Five watts is a significant, macroscopic power level. When
output is 80 times greater than input, and the output is
macroscopic, this eliminates any possibility that the effect is
due to instrument error."

Was the CETI cell producing fusion power with light water? The
probability of two heavy water molecules coming together in a
light water cell is very small. Ordinary water contains only a
small amount of heavy water (1 part in 7000). The only
explanation was that light water fusing with heavy water.

Heavy water + Light water -----> helium 3.

Helium 3 exists in extremely small quantities in the atmosphere.
It would be relatively simple to detect it. No helium 3 has
been detected. Cold fusion is not a process of fusion, it is a
process by which the zero point energy of matter is extracted.
The process has been outlined by this author in this text. At
the time of this writing the cold fusion phenomenon has opened
up the investigation of a host of other new energy technologies.
A device called the Griggs machine (this machine has an impeller
like a pump) is producing an excess of 40% power. A device
called the Potapov machine is producing excess energy in
Russia.1 The future has arrived.



1. The latest information is posted on the World Wide Web on
these new energy machines. See John Logajan's Skypoint
Home Page at:


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