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Potential Projects

Here is a summary of various potential projects that has been proposed. It must of course be seen as a selection of possible projects - theoretical, experimental, and those that include the compilation of literature.

If some area interests you, or if you have suggestions for phenomena that we should look at, please contact us by sending an email to

Cold fusion and similar experiments (low energy transmutations and heat generation).


Cold Fusion

  • Overview of experiments, etc.
  • Replication of CETI's or Miley's experimental set-ups.

Ohimo-Mizuno's experiments

  • Replication of Ohimo-Mizuno's experiments, e.g. with different types of tungsten electrodes

Transmutation experiments with arc discharges

  • Experimental replication
  • Summary of experiments conducted in the world.
  • Relations to e.g. Kervran's and others' experiments with biological transmutations.

Graneau's plasma water exploding

  • Experimental study of the energy released at certain kinds of high-voltage discharges in water.

Subtle influences and detectors


Electromagnetic and subtle communication between cells

  • Investigation of Kaznacheyev effect.
  • Experiment: The Russian onion effect. Other simpler trials.
  • Crystal growth and so-called "distant influence" of crystal growth (Reid et. al.l)

Callahan's experiments

  • Experiments - Paramagnetism and biological growth.
  • Connections to Schauberger's glass egg.
  • Empirical investigation of resonance phenomena about paramagnetic round towers.

The Smith detector

  • Experiments with detection

Scalar waves

  • Literature summary. Generation and detection of fields. Biological detection?
  • Proposals for experiments.
  • Theoretical analysis. Correlation between electromagnetic theory, potential waves, and the Aharonov-Bohm effect.
  • Experiments. Testing of generators / detectors.
(A general study of various types of proposed skalärvågsdetektorer performed by, among others Ingvar Karlsson and Lars Johansson.)

Electromagnetic Free-energy devices and theories


The Adams converter

  • Build and evaluate. Resonance detection.
  • Comparison of test data, literature (other researchers).

(A theoretical analysis of the Adams converter made by Per Magnusson. See paper in Fnysik Vol 1 No 2, in Swedish.)


  • Literature summary.
  • Study different versions of the N variants machine.
  • Summary of theories, international contacts.
  • Construction of an electromagentic variant of the N machine. Measurements.
  • The Monstein effect
(An experimental study of the effect Monstein has been done bu e.g. Olle Hagstrom. A brief paper baout the N-machine has been published in Fnysik v 1 No. 1, in Swedish .)

Zero Point Energy ideas

  • Review Moray B. King's ideas, such as possible experiments, the relation to Puthoff and other ZPE ideas.
  • Summary of main features (ZPE-coherence, self-organization).
  • Experiments. E.g. scalar currents
  • Development of the theory. Correlation between quantum mechanics and self-organization / phase transitions.

William Hooper's ideas

  • Literature summary
  • Summary of Hooper notes.
  • The relationship between Weber's theory, 2nd order relativistic effects (Klicker and others).
  • Experiments with the "All-electric motional field generator" and the "Trapezium". Certain types of induction.
(A general theoretical analysis of Hoopers ideas, and the relationship to different types of 2nd-order relativistic effects, has been conducted by Lars Johansson.)

Vacuum Tube Amplifier, VTA

  • Literature summary (Aspden, bifilar coils, etc.)
  • Experiments

Viktor Schauberger


The Stuttgart experiments (Schauberger's vortex flow experiment)

  • Theory and literature summary. Summary of experiments performed.
  • Model sketching. Computer simulation?
  • Experiments: Separation. Water purification. Electro-physical effects?
(A theoretical and experimental study of the Stuttgart experiments have been made by Johansson, Hallberg and Ovesen. See in particular papers in Fnysik Vol 1 No 2, and Institute of Ecological Technology. See also Vortex World.)

Nürnberg experiments (Schauberger's generation of static electrcity from water)

  • Summary of experiments performed.
  • Investigate the relation to Ehrenhafts experiments with water separation.
  • Experiments with different kinds of water (e.g. spring water).
(A replication of the Nürnberg experiments have been performed Robert Bärnskog.)



Test Methodology - Overview

  • Review of different devices and their claimed characteristics.
  • Development of test methods and protocols for the testing of these devices.
  • The 1-Watt challenge. What kinds of motors / generators would be needed for each kind of free energy device respectively, to be possible to test a possible self-sustaining mode? E.g. requiremets of high voltages, currents, etc.

Summary of Sven Mielordts book, 'Tachyonenergie, Hyper Energie, Anti-Gravity'

  • Literature summary. Overview. Common features. Interesting experiments and apparatus.
  • Scanning and translation using translation software

Natural unintrusiveness

  • Review of the area. Discuss the various devices' unintrusiveness (or lack of) on humans and nature. Electromagnetic field-effects. Biological effects of various kinds.


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