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Projects, lectures & papers - some examples

Below is a summary of some interesting past projects, papers and lectures.

Schauberger and water

Viktor Schauberger's Stuttgart experiments (Johansson, Hallberg, Ovesen, 1994-1997)

Self-organization in fluids (Lars Johansson & Curt Hallberg, 1999)

The Kelvin generator (Robert Bärnskog, 1999)

Alternative water treatment (Lasse Johansson, 2005)

Free energy device

The Bedini generator (Ingvar Karlsson, 1990s)

The Adams motor (Per Magnusson, 1996)

The N-machine and the Monstein effect (Olle Hagström, 1995)

The thermochemical generator (Gösta Rinander, 1996)

Experiments with the Searl generator (Mathias Båge, 1997)

The Marinov motor (Lars Johansson, 1998)

The GEET fuel processor (Per Albertsson, 1999)

Searl and SEG (Mathias Båge, 2005, 2006)

Subtle fields

Scalar wave detectors (Lars Johansson & Ingvar Karlsson, 1990s)

Peter Graneau's research on Longitudinal forces (Lars Johansson, 1990s)

Dowsing along the psi-track (Jens Tellefsen & Nils-Olof Jacobson, 1999)

Unorthodox perspectives on Relativity and Cosmology

A Unified theory (Ingvar Åstrand, 1997)

Matter unified (Ove Tedenstig, 1998)

A new perspective on relativity (John-Erik Persson, 1999)

Fractal electrical vortex cosmos (Mathias Båge, 2010)

Electromagnetism and flow phenomena

Lifters (Anders Ive, 2003)

Drag reduction by heat gradients and other fields (David Jonsson 2005, 2007)

Retardation phenomena and flow (David Jonsson, 2009)

Torques in athmospheres of rotating gases (David Jonsson 2010)

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