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This section contains material from the now discontinued journal Fnysik (1995-1999), that was isued by the Swedish Association for New Physics.

Fnysik: Volume 1 No 2


Centre of the Universe 
by Dan Förberg
On the Monstein effect, RQM and activities in Stockholm.
Impressions from the Free Energy Symposium 
by Lars Johansson
From the symposium The new energy in Stockholm. On experiments, Hal Puthoff, and the Casimir effect. (Article in Swedish)
The Adams motor - does it really work 
by Per Magnusson
A critical discussion of the Adams motor and its function. (Article in Swedish)
On elements of life and energy extraction 
by Olof Thomasson
A rather philosophical reflection on energy extraction and biological life. (Article in Swedish)
Water purification according to Schauberger
by Curt Hallberg
On a reproduction of Schauberger's Stuttgart experiments, vortices, water purification etc.
Comment: Magnet treatment of petrol 
by Ivan Troäng
A short note on petrol consumption.
Living water - book review 
by Lars Johansson
A review of Olof Alexandersson's biography of Viktor Schauberger. (Article in Swedish)
The Change Masters 
by Curt Hallberg
A causerie on attitudes to changes in science. (Article in Swedish)
Briefs On the Theory of Magnetic Instabilities, 
and Einstein-Bose condensates.


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